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Uber Toledo launches with free rides

Uber has arrived in the City of Glass! Starting at 3pm today, we are hitting the streets of Toledo, giving you a seamless, stylish, and convenient way to move around the city. Did we mention rides are FREE for 2 weeks?! With just the push of a button, Uber will...

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The Power Of Local Energy

By John Bernhardt — Outreach & Communications Director for the Clean Coalition Electricity, like most commodities, is rarely produced where it is consumed. In the United States, the majority of electricity is generated at large, centralized power plants and then...

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Why smart cities?

Smart cities are emerging in response to an increasingly urbanized world dealing with scarce resources, along with the desire to improve energy efficiency. By providing appropriate technologies and solutions, smart cities can deal with issues such as congestion and...

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Various business models offer opportunities

Smart city projects are typically deployed via partnerships between the public and private sectors. The main business models include build-operate-transfer (BOT), build-operate-comply (BOC) and municipal-owned-deployment (MOD). The most common model is BOT, where city...

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Figuring out investment returns

When considering the long-term viability of smart city initiatives, it is important to assess not just direct revenue-generating opportunity but also the broader return on investment, Arrowsmith said. This has implications for both the public and private sectors...

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