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Long Road of Complex Supply Chain Issues?

Obsolescence is on the Rise

Partner with SPB Global market expert to solve complex supply chain issues. Mitigate your design challenges with our technical team.

Do Power Rectifier Product Family

SPB Global supplies the D09, D08, D05, and D04 family for all applications including: • Welding Equipment • Generators • Inverters • Ultrasonics • Power Supplies • Battery Charges

We Expand Testing Capabilities by Partnering With Emax Component Test Labs

As the risk of counterfeit increases, we meet that challenge with the appropriate testing of critical components in your supply chain.


Authenticity Verification 

QSLD • QTSL • DLA Approved

Telecom Upgrades and Repairs

Bringing you value by offering:



  • RF CATV Amplifiers • Photo Detectors
  • DFB/FP Laser Diodes • Video Receivers
  • Photo Diodes

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We're exclusive distributor for Lightning Shield Product


The perfect compliment to surge suppression & grounding 

80% of voltage surges accounted for physical damage – Identifies lightning issues before it strikes. Lightning Shield is easy to install and incredible return on your investment Watch this video for product demo

Independent Electronics Component Distributor

As an independent distributor, SPB Global is focused on developing strategic relationships with worldwide electronics supply chains and implementing long term stocking agreements with a range of electronics sources, including partners in Russia, Europe, United Kingdom, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, and Brazil. The goal at SPB Global is to offer insight on what stocks of products are available on a worldwide scale. SPB Global remains aware of increasing lead times from manufacturers, diminishing supplies at domestic franchise houses, and substandard materials entering supply chains. This knowledge allows SPB Global to ensure utmost quality and timeliness in every order.

Products We Offer

Amplifier IC’s  • Audio IC’s  • Clock and Timer IC’s  • Potentiometer  • Digital Signal  • Processors  • Display Drivers  • Interface IC’s  • Logic  • Memory • Mircocontrollers  • Processors  • RF Semiconductors

AC Power Cords • Cable Assemblies • Fiber Optic Cable • Flat Cable • Coaxial Cable

Circuit Breakers • ESD Surpressors • Fuses • LED Protection Devices • SCR’s • Varistors MLV & MOV

DFB Lasers • Laser Diodes • Fiber Optics • RF Transistors • Detectors • Hybrids Technology • Anadigics (ACAXXX) • Fujitsu (FLD3FXXX and 5FXXX) • RF Micro (RFXXX) • Motorola (MHW, MFF, CAXXX) • Philips (BGY, BGD, BGE, BGO, CGD, CGY)

Bridge Rectifiers • Regulator Diodes • Transistors • IGBT Modules • IGBT Transistors • Diodes • Rectifiers • Schottkey • Thyristors • Zener Diodes

Extensive Electronics Experience

With nearly a decade of experience in electronics sourcing and distribution, SPB Global takes pride in expanding and maintaining a loyal customer base. SPB Global completes every order in a timely manner with impeccable care. Our diverse staff and multilingual sales team offer personalized service for every single customer.


We offer price advantages on your strategic components, via strategic excess buys as well as in long term scheduled orders


We have an ERP system in place to help reduce your excess inventory, creative inventory financing and overall BOM management & Life Cycle Forecasting


We have a decade of experience delivering hard to find and obsolete products


We handle the procurement and logistics for your electronic component “Just in Time deliveries”

Vishay Releases Five New Infrared Sensors

Minimold (TSSP930)
Mold (TSSP940)
Heimdall (TSSP950)
Panhead (TSSP960)
Minicast (TSSP980)

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