Electronic Sourcing Services


Once you’ve visited our site and see stock in our proprietary data catalog – here is what to expect of our streamline process —

  1. Database Search
  2. RFQ Submission
  3. Sales Associate (reply email confirmation)
  4. Part confirmation (along with Quotation)
  5. Quote Acceptance (Order Finalization)

Our Goal

“SPB Global was created to find the best possible solution for our customers’ product design and electronic needs” – Ms. Bernard

Easy to use website

Quick Turnaround Quotes

Responsive Customer Service

Technical Experience

Quality Control

SPB Global is currently being approved for ISO9001 and ESD compliant specification in our state of the art lab. Our focus and no tolerance policy is rigorous but necessary in our industry.

We have set in place relationships with international franchise houses in hopes of minimizing these risks but will take extra steps to ensure all stock is factory traceable.

Here are our categories and Pass/ Fail criteria. 

A. Details: Package Observations
  • Is there a moisture sensitive label on the bag?
  • Is this an ESD compliant package?
  • Is the package factory sealed?
  • Does the HIC indicate maximum humidity?
  • Is package vacuum sealed?
  • Third party reels or manufacture reels?
  • Are all parts facing the same direction in packaging?
B. Details: Lead Abnormalities
  • Are pins/leads bent scratched broken or missing?
  • Is there evidence of corrosion on pins?
  • Verification of pin gloss of shine, color, texture consistent?
  • Any signs of reworking of the leads?
  • Is there evidence of insertion markings?
C. Details: Surface Inspection
  • Product condition show any signs of rework to body or remarking?
  • Topical verification of direction of scratches or abrasion present.
  • Ensure that the surface of parts have not been mechanically resurfaced and restamped.
  • Verify that marking on the parts are consistent having the same font, print color and marking placements
  • Ensure that indentical parts within the same tube or reel are same lot codes and numbers
  • Verify top of parts and bottoms do not display different part numbers
  • Make certain that there are no color discrepancies on top vs.bottom of parts
  • Any signs of rework to body?
  • Any signs of sanding?
  • Does Acetone or mineral spirits remove ink?
  • Is the grain of the resin consistent within that parts
  • Tape & Reel
  • Tier I – Counterfeit Exam – 100 pcs
  • Tier II – Basic DC Test – 10- 100 pcs
  • Tier III- Functional Test – 10 – 100 pcs
  • Pin Correlation
  • Memory Test – 10 – 100 pcs
  • De- Capsulation
  • X- Ray Inspection
  • Solderbility Testing ( Hot Dip )
  • Solderability Testing ( Stean Aging )
  • Tinning ( Leaded or Lead-Free )
  • Tinning ( Quad Packages – 4 sided )
  • MSL Baking
  • Programming
  • Group A & Temp Screening

If parts require additional inspection we have an agreement with a third party military approved inspection house. If you require additional testing SPB Global sends materials free of charge to the testing house for added value services.


With the bulk of our business is being international, we have discovered the need for logistics services. In addition to your component demand so does the time and paperwork required to execute each deal. We encourage you to use SPB logistics services to offset ever increasing custom demands as well the costs associated with importing and exporting such materials. We understand your requirements, we are experts in our field and we can create control in our centralized location.

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