At SPB Global we are reflecting on our 10 year anniversary and preparing our projections for 2020 , the beginning of a new decade.  So much has changed in the industry , in web development , market platform strategies as well as social media strategies.  Our small company has set into place several teams and projects that will keep us “relevant” and “visible” to new customers worldwide.

The Electronic Industry like many others find themselves left to manage market flows as well as product flow.  The expertise is extra valuable as the boomers continue to retire leaving gaps in departments and market niches that are not easy to navigate.  SPB Global offers you a market strategy and solution to difficult supply chain bottle necks. We don’t always have the product but we will provide you with market intelligence says CEO and found ” Susan Bernard “.  Send in your requests or email direct.

At SPB Global our approved vendor and strategic partners offer us opportunities to help some of the most complex supply chain issues.  Planned obsolescence can be managed but long lead times from trusted authorized distributors can not be accurately predicted.  With natural disasters, increasing boarder unrest and natural resource shortages there are variables that require all companies to establish who they trust outside of the ” authorized ” powerhouses they buy components from.

Look no further as we can become the extension of your purchasing team that deals with components that are delaying your build or deadlines.  Give us a try , we look forward to hearing from you and discussing projected purchases and problematic shortages.

SPB Global Executive Team

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