The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has finalized a policy that reduces burdensome regulations on health care providers.  There is a significant opportunity here for technology companies to embrace fabric sensor technology, coupled with this new deregulation, to become an innovator and leader in this emerging marketplace.

In specific, the CMS is making access the telehealth services readily available by paying for more services and making it easier for providers to bill for them.

Telehealth is an emerging trend in the healthcare world. Through telecommunications technologies (such as online and via phone applications), a wide range of medical and educational services are made available to the public.  Patient care now extends beyond the standard office visit.

There are many practical reasons why patients and providers alike have a vested interest in this technology.  Doctor’s offices only have time and space to see a limited number of patients per day.  By opening up the telehealth side of things, patient care is available on a whole new scope and level.  Additionally, patients in rural areas, with mobility issues, or elderly patients with transportation concerns have access to virtual health care.

In the past, regulations made it difficult, if not impossible, for healthcare providers to promote these services. Patient care required an in-office visit. Now, the possibilities are limitless.

Smart fabric sensors are also an emerging technology in the healthcare world. These are sensors that do not require a power source or a circuit board.  They can be implanted into fabrics and keep stats on a slew of information such as: heart rate, motion detection, wetness detection, temperature, blood pressure and much more.

Many technology companies are in the research and development phases of innovating and taking advantage of new opportunities in this world.  Tele-med apps can transfer data collected from a patient’s smart fabric device to their doctor’s office, in real-time, using technology already available on our smart phones.

Textile Instruments, a Perrysburg, OH based technology manufacturer, has developed their own brand of revolutionary fabric sensors under an exclusive licensing agreement with NASA.

SPB Global is currently under contract with several Fortune 100 OEMs who are to receive custom demo kits. There is much interest in this technology to develop new age products that the market has never seen before.

There are still a limited number of Demo Kits available to engineers and R&D teams looking for an opportunity to start experimenting with this new technology. Interested companies are urged to contact SPB Global ASAP to further discuss this opportunity.

Susan Bernard, CEO SPB Global, LLC & Textile Instruments, LLC
Tel.: (419) 931-6559

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