Over 4200 electronic products will become discontinued in 2017 alone. This puts manufacturers at a high risk of not having the required materials needed to build out their products. (Meaning costly line-down and/or re-design situations).

This is why it is critical for EMS companies to have a solid relationship with independent distributors that can procure these hard-to-find products for them.

To add to this conundrum — Buyers must also be aware of the existence of counterfeit components in the marketplace.

SPB Global is well-versed on this subject and we have processes & procedures in place to make sure you are protected!

If you have questions or current supply chain needs – let’s talk about it. We’re here to support you!

This is a great article on ECN about the current state of electronic components in the marketplace: http://digital.ecnmag.com/ecnmag/october_2017?pg=24#pg24 Enjoy!

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