In the electronics industry, lightning strikes have long been the root cause of costly equipment damage and lost production time. While grounding devices and surge protectors have historically provided some mitigation to these lightning threats, the effectiveness of said devices is limited by lightning frequency and soil resistivity.

In other words, most companies that utilize electronic equipment are left vulnerable to the billions of dollars in damage caused by lightning each year.

At SPB Global, part of our mission is to stay current with new advancements in cutting-edge technology. And to this note, we are proud to announce a new distribution partnership with Lightning Shield, a highly-innovative lightning strike mitigation systems.

The Lightning Shield is not a suppressor or grounding device, instead, this system actually anticipate changes in EMF and proactively takes your electronic equipment off the grid, either by by shutting down your machines or channeling them to a generator.

With the aging infrastructure in the North American & European markets and the increase in lightning strikes, grounding and surge protection are simply not enough to protect your important electronic equipment capital.

Lightning Shield is the only pre-emptive lightning isolation product on the market that actually anticipates and Isolates the transient event before it happens. It is a product that can complement the concepts of suppression and grounding. Further, it not only protects against lightning strikes, but also surges, brownouts, and power voltages over/under voltages.

If you are interested in finding out how your organization can protect itself from the multi-billions of dollars in damage caused by lightning strikes each year, let’s set up a call with your team to discuss the technical parameters and how we can support you.

SPB Global, LLC

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