SPB Global, LLC, a leading distributor of board-level electronic components, has recently signed an exclusive agreement with Textile Instruments, an electronic manufacturer of revolutionary smart fabric sensors, to exclusively distribute their new product.

Both SPB Global and Textile Instruments are being run under the creative leadership of Susan Bernard, CEO. She says, “The collaboration of these two organizations has been in the works for quite a while, and there is much excitement around the new opportunities opening up, in working together.”

These smart fabric sensors, which Textile Instruments has developed under an exclusive licensing agreement with NASA, are the wave of the future. The sensors do not require an electrical connection, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities to design teams. Until now, design engineers have been limited to circuit board design technology, which comes with its own restrictions due to hard wiring necessities and the bulk and rigidness of the circuit boards.

Smart Fabric Sensors are extremely versatile in that they don’t require wiring. They can be used in “soft” cases such as fabrics, wallpapers, and chairs. The potentiality for new and innovative products to be developed under this technology is unlimited.

SPB Global is currently under contract with several Fortune 100 OEMs who are to receive custom demo kits. There is much interest in this technology to develop new age products that the market has never seen before.

There are still a limited number of Demo Kits available to engineers and R&D teams looking for an opportunity to start experimenting with this new technology. Interested companies are urged to contact SPB Global ASAP to further discuss this opportunity.

Contact: Susan Bernard, CEO SPB Global, LLC & Textile Instruments, LLC
Tel.: (419) 931-6559
Email: spb.bernard@gmail.com
Website: www.spb-global.com

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